Lesson from Green Acres: #2

Things I Thought I’d Never Know or Do, Part 1

  • That I would search online for “how to clean duck poop from concrete”.  By the time I got to “how to clean duck p” it had already autofilled the rest of it.
  • That rocks evidently grow like plants.  Our property is very rocky.  Every time is rains, dozens of rocks pop up out of nowhere.
  • Duck mating is very loud and equally disturbing.
  • Most snakes that don’t have a rattle or aren’t brightly colored aren’t deadly to humans.  No lectures please, I said “most”.
  • Cats are great at killing snakes.  Ours will get baby snakes and fling about 10 feet in a direction, then go get again and fling 10 ten in the opposite direction several times until it is dead.
  • Dogs hate cows and are pretty stupid about it.  Our dogs, a 20-pound Schnauzer and an 80-pound Lab/Australian Shephard mix, have no problem running up to and barking at an 1800-pound Texas longhorn bull with horns 6 feet across.