Raw Honey Benefits

Raw honey has some amazing health benefits. The major difference between raw honey and the honey you see at the store super cheap, in the plastic bear bottles, is how processed it is. Like most foods the more processed the fewer nutrients and naturally occurring enzymes and minerals it will have. Most honey is pasteurized which basically means that it’s heated to kill any ‘bad’ germs, but the temperature they have to heat it to also kills most of the ‘good’ bacteria. Raw honey is unfiltered, unheated and is still in its natural form. Usually raw honey has a warning label warning you to not give it to kids under 2 years of age, and not to eat it if you have a compromised immune system. That’s good!  That means there’s still lots of good bacteria and enzymes. There’s the risk of there being some bad bacteria as well but in my opinion its worth it. Most people will be fine eating raw honey. To find a really good raw honey look for a glass bottle or jar, and it should have where it’s from on the label. Local raw honey can help with allergies!  If the label doesn’t have a lot of information then it’s probably not the best. The glass jar is important because raw honey is shelf-stable basically forever, so storing it in glass helps keep it fresh and clean tasting. If you store something with a really long shelf life in plastic the chemicals from the plastic leach into the product and it will not taste very good long term. If you’re not sure about eating raw honey please ask your doctor. To read more about the benefits of raw honey check out this article!

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