Most people have a vague idea of what veganism is and what it means. A lot of people think its just eating green veggies or being super picky and ‘hippy’. Wrong. Being a vegan simply means no eating or buying any products with any animals products in them. No meat, dairy, eggs, lard, animal bone broth or fat. So whats left to eat? Everything. Fruits, veggies, grains, beans, and nuts. The first question I usually get when someone finds out I’m vegan is “where do you get your protein?” every single thing you eat has protein. Americans are very concerned with getting ‘enough’ protein but that usually means we eat way too much.  A cup of spinach has more protein than an 8oz steak, plus more iron and more enzymes and minerals. To be protein deficient, you’d be severely malnourished and underweight first. Very few people have ever gone to the doctor and been told that they are ‘protein deficient’.  It’s not a common thing. I have been vegan for 2 years consistently and was vegan on and off before that for a year or so. The only thing I supplement is iron (mostly because I’m female, not because I’m vegan) and B12. Almost everyone is b12 deficient.  Yes, you can get b12 from meat, but it’s not enough and it’s not in a form that your body can use, your body has to change the form it’s in to make it bioavailable. So I take iron and b12. I don’t add in a crazy amount of protein shakes or anything else. 

Why am I vegan? Mostly for health reasons. There is a history of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s in my family. There are many studies showing that going vegan drastically drops your chances of many health issues. I also do not miss meat and don’t see myself not being vegan. 

There are many debates in the vegan community. I think the two main ones are about honey and using animals for clothes. The fact is that using animals for clothing or fabric in any way is not vegan. Here’s why: it’s not ours to take. Why should we take the skin or fur off animals for our use? we don’t need to. As for honey, most vegans will tell you its not vegan. I’m split on the issue. Honey has a lot of health benefits and in my opinion, supporting local companies with good ethics is probably the best way to buy honey if you’re going to. It’s your choice if you want to eat honey or not, it doesn’t make you ‘less’ of a vegan. 

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